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Born Aug 11, 2008

Died Saturday, Jan 31, 2015

In Memory of Nicholas who passed away on Saturday from liver cancer.  He was a very gentle soul.  Only about 6 years old...Belgian Shepherd


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From: Shera []
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2015 9:36 AM
Subject: Mountain Men - Casting

Good Morning~

This is going to seem very random, but here goes…   My name is Shera Konen, I'm the Casting Director for a Montana based Television Production Company called Warm Springs Productions.  We have a series on History Channel called "Mountain Men".  We're currently casting for season V of Mountain Men and your area was chosen as an area that we would like to have a cast member.  

We're going to be in the area in the next week or two doing so boots on the ground casting but were hoping to have some leads in advance.  

If you know of any "Mountain Men" in the area I would love to get some information about them.  Ideally they would be their 40's, live remotely, trapper, hunter….if you know someone that runs dog sleds to trap that would be wonderful!

If you have any leads please send them my way and also please share this information with anyone that you think might have an interest.

Looking forward to being in your beautiful part of the world very soon!

Have a wonderful day!

Shera Konen
Casting Director/Talent Manager
Warm Springs Productions
PO Box 1014
Manhattan, MT  59741
406-830-3128 X 233
406-490-6996 Cell







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